Wholemeal zea-flour from Grevena 500gr.



Traditional wholemeal zea-flour with superior quality characteristics, excellent taste and very digestible. It is ideal for bread and baking as its content in fibers and proteins is almost double than ordinary flours. Natural and pure it is a  variety of an ancient origin cereal and it has managed to keep up through past generations. Produced in Grevena by traditional methods.

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What is wholemeal zea-flour?

Zea was the serial which has been broadly cultivated in ancient Greece. During the last few years, the cultivation of zea was introduced once more in Greece due to its rediscovered valuable properties. It greatly resembles wheat but with different nutritional composition. Its husk is thicker and harder and is ground only in a stone mill. The husk is ground together with the remains of the grain and adds to the positive effects of the fibers,The price of zea-flour is three times higher than the price of ordinary flour not only due to the higher cost of the seeds but also due to the increased cost of the milling.

The history of zea-flour.

Zea is one of the oldest known serials.Samples of zea have been discovered during excavations in prehistoric settlements within the Hellenic area. The oldest findings are dated 12000 B.C. and have been found in Asia minor.
Zea serial (Triticum dicoccum),was one of the most important products of nutrition of the ancient Greeks as there is no coincidence that the etymology of the word derives from the ancient word ''zidoros'' which means gift of life and ,though many people do not know it,''zidoros'' was the first name of Athens due to the fertility of its soil which produced zea-flour. Also the famous marina'' Zea'', in Piraeus, took its name from the fact that it used to be the port of export to the Greek islands of zea-flour. There are references concerning the cultivation of this serial from Homer, Herodotus, Galinos, Theofrastus and Dioskouridis. In 1900 despite its popularity the cultivation of zea-flour started to drop. Gradually it was replaced by other varieties of wheat whose crop yield per acre was bigger,required less water and they were easier to harvest and to mill.

What zea-flour offers to our health.

Research has shown that  zea-flour is 40 per cent higher in magnesium than all the other flours. Furthermore magnesium triggers the enzymatic procedures of metabolism.It also high in lysine amino acid which renders the zea products with high digestibility.

We present you three reasons why you must definitely include  wholemeal zea-flour into your diet.

1.It has probiotic properties.
The consumption of foods rich in probiotics has been related to a reduced risk of colon cancer and similar diseases of the gastroenteric system.It has also been related to the lowering of cholesterol.

2.Contributes to the maintenance of a normal weight.
Foods rich in probiotics contain carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. This means in practice that they are absorbed very slowly and release a small quantity of glucose in the blood.So,together with the fibers increase and prolong the feeling of satiety.

3.It is an ideal solution for the diabetics.
The adjustment of the glucose in the blood by the probiotics which exist in the zea-flour helps in the prevention of cancer.

All the above information is of a purely informative nature.For medical advice, the only competent is your personal physician.

Ideas how to enjoy.
-In bread.
-In the preparation of pastry.
-In bakery for cakes, biscuits etc.
-In the preparation of pizza bases.

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  • By on  29 Sept. 2016 (Wholemeal zea-flour from Grevena 500gr.) :

    I love Greek flour!!!!

    Flour is an important ingredient for baking or cooking in Greek cuisine. This flour has an extraordinary taste.

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