Tsikoudia (raki) from Crete island 500ml.



Tsikoudia [or raki in Greece] is for centuries the characteristic Cretan expression for treat and hospitality.We supply excellent quality home made raki which is produced in a mountainous village of Crete. In Crete tsikoudia is also an expression of friendship and politeness as well as a tool of social communication.

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There is no household in Crete without a bottle of tsikoudia to hand. With a glass of tsikoudia Cretans exchange greetings, welcome their guests, talk and share jokes. Also, with a glass of tsikoudia, they leave their sorrows behind and resolve their differences. The origin of the Greek word "raki" derives from the ancient Greek word ''rax'' which means grape while  the word tsikoudia derives from the word ''tsikouda'' which means residue [mark]. Tsikoudia is the King of all drinks as it is completely free of any coloring or any industrial alcohol [i.e.alcohol produced from potatoes or sugar beets] while at the same time  it provides anxiolytic properties which warm the heart and the spirit and stimulate the appetite, the digestion and the heat of our body. Cheers!

Tsikoudia  is consumed responsibly only when consumed with a view to pleasure and in moderation. It is always important that the consumption  of tsikoudia does not lead to losing of self-control or endanger people's safety. The minimum legal age for the consumption of alcohol is stated in the national laws of the country of reference.

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  • By on  26 Feb. 2017 (Tsikoudia (raki) from Crete island 500ml.) :

    Best Cretan tsikoudia ever drink.

    I get a bottle of tsikoudia every summer, after several holidays in Crete. This tsikoudia is by far the best that I have tasted outside of Greece.
    Will be buying again in the future.

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