Sun dried figs from Kimi, Evia island 250gr.



The beauty of a ripe soft fig ready to fall on the ground from the branch of the tree is the hallmark of the Greek summer. Our dried figs are still made in the same way that have been made in Greece for centuries. The dried fig is the fruit of the summer and the delicacy of winter.

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What are dried figs?

The dried fig is a fruit which is sun-dried in a natural way without any chemical additives. The harvesting of the fresh figs starts in August directly from the tree by hand. After the screening follows the opening of the figs in two pieces, without being separated, in order to remove the moisture. Then they are placed in the sun for 2-3 days until they dry and then are packed. The figs which have dried naturally under the sun are light brown in colour and have a rich honeydew and sweet fruity taste.

History of dried fig.

The importance of the fig in Greek history comes third next to the olive and the grapes. In ancient Athens the cultivation, the trade and the export of dried or fresh figs were under the control of the state filling its coffers with big profits.

The Athenians were occupied with the cultivation of the fig trees and the Attica figs were exported to Asia. It was said that the Persians liked the Greek figs very much due to their excellent quality and the conquest of the fig groves was one of the reasons that made Xerxes decide on the campaign against Greece,

Homer, in one of his references on Ulysses, says that the hero of Odyssey in order to convince his father Laertes that he really was his son reminded him of the forty fig trees which his father had given him.

Figs were precious especially, according to Zinodoros, during the famine which hit Athens, or according to other historians during the Peloponnese war. During these periods, the export of figs was forbidden following a decision of the commune. According to Plutarhos,  the one who reported to the authorities an illegal exporter of figs was called “ sycophant”. But according to another more possible version “sycophant’ was the one who reported a fig thief to the authorities.  

What dried figs offer to our health.  

Dried figs are highly nutritious, do good to our bodies due to their high quantity of fibers, while they are an ideal snack. They belong to the “Functioning Foods” class which are foods with proved beneficial influence on our health.  They are low in fat and cholesterol while they are rich in vitamins K, B6, E and metals such as calcium, iron, phosphorous, manganese, sodium and potassium.

We present you three reasons why dried figs should be in your diet.

  1. They lower blood pressure. Figs are among the top source of potassium which acts positively against high blood pressure and supports good health of joints. It is also a good source of magnesium which is very important for blood pressure, metabolism and the concentration and calmness of mind.

  2. They contribute to the preservation of the density of the bones. The high content of calcium in figs strengthens our bones. It is remarkable that fig contains more calcium than milk!  

  3. They cleanse our system. Due to the high content in fibers, dried figs absorb the water, the unnecessary substances, the cholesterol and the toxic fat which exists in our bodies and eliminate them strengthening the function of the colon. The fig is the fruit with the highest content in fibers while their seeds are the strongest weapon in the cleansing of the human body.

    Always be advised by your nutritionist about the correct quantities you add to your diet.

    Ideas to enjoy dried figs.

    • In cooking and baking in many recipes for a naturally sweet taste without sugar.

    • Inside green salads.

    • Mixed with nuts.

    • In breakfast mixed with serials.

    • Inside energy bars.

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