Red wine vinegar from Nemea 250ml.



The vinegar we supply is made from red wine. It has a fruity aroma, velvety taste, and ruby color. It has been made in the traditional way, matured in wooden casks and is without preservatives or coloring. Add our vinegar to green salads, lentils and sauces and you will discover that it is something above an ordinary red vinegar.

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What is vinegar?

In ancient Greek the word ''oxinos'' is the combination of the words ''inos'' [wine] and ''xinos''[sour]. From the etymology of these two words is derived that vinegar is a wine which has become sour under the influence of certain bacteria.The vinegar which comes from wine is the most common while the most expensive and refined vinegar is balsamic vinegar. In between, there are other kinds of vinegar made from apples or from rice.

The history of vinegar.

The exact time of the appearance of vinegar is not known.It is possible that it coincided with the appearance of wine. Egyptians and Babylonians used vinegar in order to preserve certain foods. Ancient Greeks used very widely vinegar in cooking and were the first to distinguish the differences in the quality among various types of vinegar according to the place of origin.It is known that Hippocrates and Galinos used vinegar in their practice of medicine.

What vinegar offers to our health.

It is not only the aroma and the taste that vinegar adds to food.Vinegar has also been used as a folk medicine for various remedies for many years as it offers a great variety of health benefits.

We present you three reasons why you must definitely add vinegar to your diet.

  1. Controls glucose in the blood.
    One tablespoon of vinegar before lunch to your food will maintain your sugar level within normal limits.

  2. Controls body weight.
    Researchers have proved that people who consume vinegar prior to or during their meals have a decreased appetite as vinegar creates the feeling of contentment.

  3. Relieves skin irritations.
    Due to the high levels of the acids, it contains, vinegar has the useful ability to relieve skin irritations.This includes irritations caused by burns, bites, parasites, and acne.

All the above information has a purely informative nature. for medical advice, or advice on general heath matters, the only competent is your personal physician.

Ideas to enjoy.

  • In green salads with extra virgin olive oil.

  • In lentil soup.

  • With octopus.

  • In picante sauces.

  • In meatballs.

  • In meat marinates.

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