Rakomelo liqueur from Crete island 250ml.



This excellent racomelo we supply comes directly from Crete. It is mellow with a delicious flavor which is due to the combination of raki, thyme honey, spices, and aromatic herbs of the Cretan mountains. All the above renders racomelo the characteristics of a pleasant drink to enjoy at any time during the day but especially following dinner accompanied with fruits or nuts.

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The Cretan racomello is an alcoholic drink.Its main ingredients are thyme honey, raki, cinnamon, cloves and Cretan herbs. Racomelo is a characteristic and traditional Cretan drink which is offered to visitors and guests as a treat. The history of racomelo goes back seven centuries in the monasteries of mount Athos where it began as a medicine made by the monks for sore throats, colds, cough and even stomach upsets.What remained was stored in bottles in order to be used as treats for the guests. Over the years the racomelo of Mount Athos was spread by the sailors to the islands of Amorgos, Crete, and Karpathos. Usually, racomelo is drunk hot as a shot but also cold as a digestive after a good meal. Racomelo can be added in green salads mixed with raisins and nuts or poured over baked apples. It could be used also as an aromatic of biscuits.

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