Wild sea fennel in vinegar from Ikaria island 600gr.



Wild sea fennel [samphire or kritamon in Greek] is a herb found on the golden Greek seashores particularly in rock cavities with little sand and withstanding the fury of the pounding winds and rain and fed by the salt of the sea. Try this delicious herb from Ikaria island as a flavoring in your salads and you will be enthused by the diversity of its taste.

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What is wild sea fennel?

Wild sea fennel is a small perennial and herbaceous plant. The Latin name is [Crithmum maritium] from the fact that is growing in sandy areas near the shores.
To sustain the very high quantities of salt in the environment where it grows it stores up to 17% of salt in its roots. Other small plants of the sea fennel family are celery, parsley, carrots, fennel, dill etc. the edible parts of the plant are the shoots and the leaves which are collected between April and July.

The history of sea fennel.

Ancient Greeks used to eat both raw and cooked sea fennel. The leaves were eaten cured.
The name kritamon (sea fennel in Greek) was given to the plant because its seeds were similar to krithari (barley).
To produce antidotes against dysuria and jaundice they were boiling the leaves, seeds and roots of the plant in wine. Famous ancient Greek doctors such as the father of pharmacology Dioskouridis and also the famous botanist Plinius make reference to the valuable properties of the plant which according to them included essences, metal salts, iodine, vitamins, appetizers and tonics. Since the days of Hippocrates Sea fennel is considered to be one of the most important medicines and is still used nowadays for its diuretic and detoxifying properties.
In the past, sailors always took Sea fennel with them on their long journeys to counteract scurvy as its content in vitamin C is very high.

What sea fennel offers to our health.

Sea fennel is highly beneficial to our health. It contains many nutritious elements such as iodine, vitamins E, C, K and metal salts. It also contains high-quality antioxidants and Omega 3 acids and for this reason it is used in medicine as a diuretic and a blood purifier while it is beneficial for the liver.

We present you three reasons to include sea fennel into your diet:

  • Its content in vitamin C is very high. Especially in the leaves of the plant.

  • It is a good blood purifier due to the high content of Omega 3 acids and the high-quality antioxidants.

  • It is beneficial for liver problems and intestine and kidney malfunctions.

  • Always be advised by your nutritionist about the quantities you must use in your diet.

Ideas to enjoy wild sea fennel from Ikaria island:

  • In green salads.

  • As an appetizer with ouzo and raki.

  • Mixed with pulses.

  • Mixed with boiled potatoes.

  • With rice and chickpeas.

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