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The white giant beans are select edible pulses of superior characteristics. In our country have been traditionally cultivated for 400 years. Nowadays their production is mainly concentrated in western Macedonia [ Kastoria, Florina, Prespes]. Our white kidney beans are delicious with fine skin and require little boiling.

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What are white giant beans?

White giant beans differ from the common beans not only morphologically but also in regard with climatic requirements. The size of the white giant beans has been exceeded 3cm. They belong to the family ''Phaseolus'' and are traditionally cultivated in various Greek areas as ''dry beans''. These beans thrive in high altitude soils rich in organic matter and well-drained. Their production procedure is as follows: The sowing takes place in March immediately following plowing. Due to the fact that the climbing of the plant can reach a height of 3-4 mt. canes are placed to support. The harvesting of the beans starts in mid-September when the fruit ripening has been completed. Once the canes have been removed the plantation is mowed by hand and is left to dry for 10 days. After collection, the beans are  transported in bags and prepared for packing. The whole procedure is concluded by the end of October.

The history of the beans.

The history of the beans commences in Latin America and more precisely in Peru where traces of their cultivation have been found. From Peru, they were spread first in central America and later in the 15th century, by the Spanish conquistadors, to Europe. Due to their nourishing and energizing properties and the ease in their cultivation they were spread all over the world and became part of our nutrition. The beans consist a particularly nourishing food and this is reflected in the fact that they are at the base of the Mediterranean food pyramid that is between the products to be consumed with great frequency.

What white giant beans offer to our health.

The white giant beans constitute a nutritional treasure as they are rich in calcium[123mg/100gr], phosphorus [352mg/100gr],magnesium[171mg/100gr], potassium[1483/100gr], fibers[15mg/100gr] and proteins. 100 grams of beans offer to the human body 7gr protein which equals with the protein we take from 30gr of chicken or fish.
The frequent and systematic consumption of beans may contribute significantly to healthy bones and teeth and to the regulation of blood pressure and to the lowering of cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time, they are low in fat and salt. Thanks to their quantity of  solvent fibers they fight both constipation and excess weight. This is due to the fact that the feeling of satiety which is created by their consumption lasts for a long time.
Also, their caloric value is relatively low as one cup of cooked beans provides 260 calories.

All the above information is of a purely informative nature and in no way is medical advice for which the only a competent person is your physician.

Ideas to enjoy.
- The classical way which is in the oven with tomato.
- Fried with mush.
- Casserole with sausages.
- As a preserve.

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