Sun-dried tomato from Santorini island 100gr.



Our Santorinian sundried tomato has captured all the perfume of the Greek summer. This superb small tomato comes from a local farm, and it's a gourmet choice for everyday in salads, plain with olive oil, or as an ingredient to favorite recipes like pasta, meat, etc. These unique sweet sundried tomatoes help you find many ways to make simple foods taste more special.

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What is the sundried tomato?

It originates from a tomato plant grown on Greek island soil durable to drought conditions.
This plant produces a much smaller fruit that normal tomato plants but with an exquisite sweet taste. This is due to the dry soil that is cooled by the morning and evening sea breeze. Harvesting begins in the middle of July.
The tomatoes after being washed and cut across are placed in metal sheets covered with a protective mesh. There they dry for five to six days in an absolute natural way.

What sundried tomato offer to our health.

The sundried tomato has a great nutritional value. Is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, fibers, metals and traces (selenium, potassium, asbestus, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese) which help to the regulation of the sugar in the blood, the constipation as well as the arrangement of cholesterol. It is also a rich source of iron. One cup of sundried tomatoes will give you 4,9 mg. iron (27% of the recommended daily dose).

We present you three reasons why you must definitely include the sundried tomato into your diet.

1. They are highly antioxidant. The sundried tomato contains a big quantity of the antioxidant substance Lycopene. This is a red pigment that gives tomato its red colour and is considered to be one of the most effective antioxidants with protective action against prostate cancer and other malignant diseases.

2. They help to the loss of weight. The sundried tomato is rich in fibres and has a low calory value. These two make it one of the most valuable foods in the battle against weight. One more reason that is the little tomato does this is the citric acid it contains which metabolises the sugar and burns the fat.

3. Is beneficial to pregnant women. Sundried tomatoes are high in vitamin C and iron. Only one cup contains 5mg iron that is the 27% of the recommended daily dose while only one little tomato contains 0,2mg that is the 1% of the recommended daily dose. Also, the antioxidant Lycopene they contain is more valuable to pregnant women during breastfeeding.

Always be advised by your nutritionist about the correct quantities you should use in your diet.

How to enjoy sundried tomato.

  • As an appetizer with oregano, feta cheese and olive oil.

  • In green salads.

  • To make pesto sauce.

  • To flavor olive oil.

  • In sandwiches.

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