Dried Cretan dittany tea from mount Psiloritis 30gr.



The Cretan dittany [Dictamon] is an excellent beverage particularly known for its aromatic and therapeutic properties. Dittany is one of the characteristic  plants of Grete and one of the dear herbs of the Cretians used to fight colds, flu, headaches etc. Our dittany is gathered by hand with the utmost care from the white mountains of Crete and is dried naturally.

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What is dittany?

Dittany exists only in Crete and is self-propagating and perennial. Its name stems from the Dicti mountain range  in Lashithy where exists in abundance.We may also meet this wonderful plant in most mountain sites of Crete mainly on steep slopes. Dittany is a small bush about 30 to 40cm tall with small fluffy leaves and wide bright violet-pink flowers. It's harvesting takes place in mid-July when it blossoms and all the aromatic substances are gathered in the leaves.

The history of dittany.

The beneficial properties of dittany have been well known since antiquity.In those days dittany besides the name ''dictamon'' was also called ''artemidion'' after the name of Goddess Artemis[Diana] who besides her other properties was also the patron of women during their puerperal period. In one of her statues Diana is portrayed wearing a dittany wreath.
Hippocrates in his books about obstetrics and gynecology makes reference to the'' beating of dittany in hot water'' which helped birth.
Another use of dittany in antiquity was to help in the extraction of the iron bows from the bodies of the wounded soldiers.This method, according to ancient authors, was implemented after discovering that the wild Cretan goats [capra aegargus] were rejecting the iron bow immediately after eating dittany. Many writers such as Theophrastus,Dioskouridis, Plutarhus, Plinius, Apoulius and others make reference on the same matter. Aristotelis in his work ''Histories about animals'' makes known the painkilling and healing properties of dittany.
The beneficial properties of dittany reached as far as Byzantium where vast quantities were imported for the production of various cremes while in medieval Europe it was used in the production of liquors such as benedictine and trapistin.

What dittany offers to our health.

Many researchers after having in the course of time studied dittany identified in it more than 40 substances which attribute to this plant exceptional antimicrobial and antioxidant properties

We present you three reasons why you must definitely use dittany in your diet.

1. Soothes disturbances of the gastric system.
Dittany shows healing and styptic properties and, for this reason, is considered a remedy for stomach and gastric pains.For this reason, it is recommended against colic disturbances and inflammation of the gastroenteric system.It is good for the stomach and digestion.

2. Antioxidant action.
According to a study [Lionis et.al. 1998] in which dittany extracts collected during spring  were used, dittany has shown a great antioxidant action which is possibly due to the polyphenols of the plant.

3. Soothing influence.
Dittany is recommended during neural distortion, neural headache, and other diseases of the neural system due to its soothing properties.

In no case, all the above information is medical advice or general advice in matters of health for which the only competent person is your physician.

Ideas to enjoy.

-As a hot drink.
-In cooking to add flavor in meat dishes.
-To add flavor to olive oil.

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