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Mastic gum is a unique treasure produced only in Greece in the southern part of Chios island and nowhere else in the world. On chewing the amber tears of mastic your breath is scented with this strange lightly smoked aroma which will leave an aftertaste of the fresh pine needle.

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What is mastic gum?

Mastic is the resinous secretion which is emitted from the trunk and the branches of the mastic trees. This secretion is caused by incisions on the tree with a sharp tool.
The procedure is the following: First we clean the area around the tree where the mastic will fall. Then we spray all this area with white earth so it is clean and the collection is made easier.
After this first step, the “embroidery” which is the marking of the tree begins. The resin starts dripping slowly from the cuts and falls on the ground where it very slowly solidifies in small and big pieces.
These pieces are collected and cleaned by the farmers. The cleaning of mastic is a lengthy process which occupies the farmers and their families in winter.
Mastic is crystalline in form and its original taste, rather bitter, soon disappears leaving a particular aroma which gives mastic its uniqueness. The cultivation period is from July to October.

The History of mastic.

The properties of mastic have been known since ancient times. The first reports on mastic come from Herodotus (484-420 B.C.) who has written that in ancient Greece people were chewing a dried up resin which came from the bark of mastic tree. Many other authors such as Theofrastos, Galinos, Hippocrates, Apolodoros, Prinius, Hermolaus etc. make references to the theraputical properties of mastic.
Dioskouridis (1st century A.D.), who is the most famous pharmacologist of antiquity, writes: “Resin born from this bush is useful for the blood circulation and for the therapy of an old cough. Resin is also used for cleaning the teeth and the face and has catalytic action in the treatment of the gums”.
The theraputical properties of mastic were known to Hippocrates.
In ancient Rome were using toothpicks made from mastic trees in order to clean their teeth.

What mastic gum offers to our health.

The therapeutical properties of mastic are numerous and this is the reason that mastic is widely used in pharmaceutical products and also as a nutritional supplement.
The daily consumption of mastic either for chewing or as a food supplement has beneficial results for the human body and at the same time functions as a shield for the health protection.

We present you three reasons why you should use mastic in your diet.

  1. Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

    The main action of mastic is the combat against inflammations. Due to the powerful anti-inflammatory action of leanolic (C11H1406) and oleanolic acid (C30H4803) it contains, mastic has healing properties and can cure the inflammation of various organs such as teeth, esophagus, stomach and the small and large intestines.

  2. Protects the liver.The liver functions influence of mastic is important as it energizes its apoxinotic action.

  3. It has anticancer action.Mastic is known due to its antioxidants for its anticancer action in various forms of the disease such as lung cancer, leukemia, prostate and colon through a mechanism which limits the proliferation and the survival of the cancerous cells.

Always be advised by your nutritionist about the correct quantities to be included in your diet.

Ideas to enjoy mastic gum.

  • For healthy chewing gum

  • In cooking and baking as a spice for its discreet aroma.

  • In sauces.

  • In chocolate.

  • In bread.

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