Extra virgin olive oil from Lesvos island 1lt.



The pure green olive oil from Lesvos is a golden green diamond with very high nutritional value. It has a characteristic fine texture, with low content of chlorophyll, and a soft sweet taste. This high-quality olive oil is produced with care and within itself embodies the whole history of the Lesvos olive oil production.

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The olives groves of Greek island Lesvos extend from the mountainsides to the sea shores creating a silver forest. Their owners are local individuals and the production of the olive oil is mainly done in small farms whose main concern is the correct handling of the crop. Due to the roughness of the ground and therefore the difficult accessibility, the collection of the olives is made mainly by hand. The soil, the ideal climate and the special varieties of the olives are the reasons for the production of a top quality olive oil. The total area of the island which is covered by olive groves is 450.000 acres which represent the 29% of the total area of the island and the 79% of the total cropland. It is estimated that there are on the island more than 11 million olive trees which produce this precious fruit. In the south and the south-east of the island, where the soil contains limestone and shale, the most dominant cultivation is the variety ''Kolovi'' or ''Mitilinia'', while in the volcanic soils of the eastern and northeastern part the dominant variety is ''Andramitini'' which represents the 30% of the total cultivations. Another minor variety is ''Ladolia'' or ''Throumba''. All together the small varieties do not exceed the 5% of the total oil production on the island. The characteristic flowing texture of the olive oil from Lesvos is due to the relatively increased degree of unsaturation of the fatty acids. This characteristic adds to the olive oil additional biological value. Dozens of aromatic herbs such as rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme, savory, and St. John's wort, together with fruit and almond trees which are growing among the olive trees contribute with their presence to the unique aroma of the Lesvos olive oil.

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