Olive oil soap from Lesvos island 170gr.



Pure olive oil soap beneficial for personal use. We recommend purchasing this hand made product, produced according to a secret formula handed down from generation to generation from excellent virgin olive oil and herbs, in which both the cosmetic and herbal properties are preserved. Our soap is produced by cold extraction from excellent virgin olive oil and herbs.

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What is olive oil soap?

The basic ingredient of olive oil soap is 75% of olive oil.The rest is herbs, spices and ethereal oils. There are two basic methods for the production of the soap, the cold and the warm.The cold method includes slight heating and not boiling the ingredients.In this way, all the beneficial properties of the olive oil and the herbs remain intact. The
maturing stage takes place naturally within a four month period. The soap which is produced in this way is rich in vitamins A and E and has a high degree of cleaning efficiency. But its most important benefit is that the very rich moisturizing properties of glycerine, which is a byproduct of the process, remain within the soap thus justifying the natural moisturizing properties of the soap.
When using the warm or industrial method, salt is added to the mixture for the purification of the poorer quality olive oil used and for the separation of glycerine which is extracted from the mixture in order to be used in the cosmetics industry. The synthetic elements which are added in the process in order to induce froth do not increase the cleaning capacity of the product.

The history of soap.

According to a Sumerian clay plate dated 2500 years B.C. the soap was originally made with water, ash and oil from the kassia plant. There are recorded in numerous tales and information concerning its history. According to the Greek tradition, the phenomenon of saponification first appeared on the island of Lesvos where in sanctuaries when burned fat was mixed
with ash and water a form of soap was created. This discovery was attributed to the poetess Sappho who observed and recorded this event and, for this reason, the chemical procedure for the making of soap was called ''Saphonopiesis'' after her name.
Looking into the different sources concerning the making of soap, we discover through Thoukididis that in the baths of Kaliroi springs ancient Greeks added olive oil, almond oil, and nut oil while a few centuries later, during the Minoan age, the inhabitants of Crete used olive oil for cosmetic purposes.

What olive oil soap offers to our health.

Olive oil soap due to its mildness and its moisturising properties is ideal for    washing sensitive skins. It
has no fat and, therefore, it does not block the pores.

We present you three reasons why you must include olive oil soap in your personal care.

1. Moisturizes the skin.
Olive oil soap cleanses the skin without depriving it of its natural oils. Its natural composition opens the pores of the skin allowing normal perspiration and at the same time protect the cells of the skin. Finally the glycerine it contains preserves the moisture of the skin by absorbing water even from the atmosphere.

2. It has antioxidant properties.
Olive oil soap is rich in antioxidant vitamins E and A which exists in the olive oil thus benefiting the human body.

3.Washing your hair with olive oil soap gives it shine and vigor. Its extraordinary disinfectant properties do not allow the development of bacteria while at the same time combat any degree of water hardness which could  be harmful to the health of your hair.Furthermore due to its composition with natural elements and oils olive oil soap is very soft.

All the above information has purely an informativenature and in no way is medical advice for which the only competent person is your physician.

Ideas to enjoy.
-In the washing of your hair and body.
-In the washing of babies and children clothes.
-In the cleaning of homes with the addition of vinegar.
-As an ecological pesticide with the addition of alcohol and water.

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