Sea sponge from Kalymnos island 10-12 cm



Our sponge is the genuine natural sponge from the isle of Kalymnos. It is naturally brown in color, with no elaboration whatsoever and belongs to the variety of honeycomb "Kapadiko". The sponges from the isle of Kalymnos are of higher quality and very durable due to the fact that in the area where they grow the water of the Aegean sea is very salty.

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The sponge itself is actually the frame of a prehistoric living creature of the ''Porophorous'' family whose habitat is the bottom of the seas. From the existing 5000 known varieties, we chose to use only 12.
The word ''sponge'' is strongly connected with the Kalymnos island and the lives of the  of the inhabitants of the island many of which, especially in the old days, have sacrificed their health and in some cases their lives in their efforts to collect the sponges from the bottom of the sea. The extraction of the sponges from the seabed must be conducted with care in order  not to damage their roots and allow therefore their regeneration and further survival. The honeycomb "Kapadiko"sponge is considered to be the king of sponges. Its main property is the ability to massage and cleanse the body and remove the dead shells. It is suitable for all ages, very friendly to the skin and does not cause allergies. After use, the sponge is easily rinsed with little water and is ready for use. The sponge does not stain and does not smell. The natural sponge has the advantage over synthetic ones which are byproducts of petroleum as it is very friendly to the skin and highly hydrophilic due to the complexity of its holes and channels. Being living organisms, sea sponges contain enzymes which fight pests. Never the less a dirty sponge may develop bacteria. For this reason the sponge should always be cleaned after use with water,  drained and left to dry on an aired place.

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