Dry white wine from Naousa 750ml.



The sunny Greek vineyards combined with wine-making practices which refer to the past provide us with the opportunity to offer to you this unique traditional white wine. Clear with intense refreshing taste and characteristic green yellow tints, will enhance your table.

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What is white wine?

White wine is produced exclusively by white grapes. The basic steps in the wine production are the following:
-  Harvesting of the grapes.
-  The pressing and crushing of the grapes.
-  The production of the must.
-  The alcoholic fermentation.
-  The storage and maturing of wine.
The difference in relation to the production of red wine and white wine is that immediately after the crushing of the grapes the skins of the grapes are removed from the must. One very important factor is the temperature of the must. For white wine, it must be around 18’C. This way the fermentation process lasts longer and the wine acquires more flavors.

The history of wine.

There is information that leads us to the conclusion that in ancient Egypt winery started before 4.000 B.C. There are references of Royal vines while wall frescoes depict scenes of the art of wine and even varieties of grapes. Around 1.700 B.C. the king of Mesopotamia Hammurabi decreed laws which set the price of the wine. Very soon the fame of wine making reached the Greeks and the Phoenicians. The ground and the climatic conditions played a key role for this as there were better vine varieties due to the Mediterranean climate. According to some research the first vines appeared in Crete while others believe that they appeared in Thace in 1.000 B.C.
In Ahavnes, Crete, the oldest cistern in the world for the threading of the grapes has been found. It is a history fact that ancient Greeks excelled the art of wine making monopolizing the markets for centuries. The procedure of winemaking in ancient Greece was the following:
The grapes after the harvesting were placed in sunny places so they could dry from the water. The followed the threading with singing and dancing. The must was allowed to boil for five days inside a big earthen cask which was placed in a shady place. Then they collected the sweet froth, which was full of sugar and garnered the must
inside earthen flasks which were sometimes put inside the earth. The casks were closed and then reopened at the beginning of winter.

What white wine offers to our health.

The folk saying that “wine gleans the heart” is confirmed by the Harvard Medical School. Having studied the relative researchers of the past ten years they have come to the conclusion that moderate wine consumption decreases by up to 40% the possibility of coronary disease as it raises the level of HDL cholesterol while at then same time lessens the level of LDL cholesterol.

We present you three reasons why you must definitely include white wine in your diet.

1. Offers protection against cancer. Resveratrol which exists in the skin of the grapes is an antioxidant substance with anticancer action. Laboratory research has revealed that it may suppress the synthesis of free roots and reduce the risk of mutation as well as the risk of inflammation.

2. Helps to prevent heart diseases. One glass of wine a day could act against cardiac problems. This has been confirmed in a study by the Harvard medical School on persons who although had already had a heart attack showed a reduced risk of suffering a second one if they drunk white wine in moderation.

3. It is the ideal drink for a low-calorie diet. White wine has fewer calories than red wine. At the same time, one glass of white wine before the meal cuts the appetite. For this reason, white wine is the best drink with our daily meals.

Always be advised by your nutritionist about the quantities you must include in your diet.

Ideas to enjoy.
-  With seafood.
-  With chicken.
-  With pasta.

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