Dried wild mint from Agrafa mountains (60gr. whole branches)



The wild mint [fliskouni] is a member of the mint family which grows in Greece. It has green leaves and small purple flowers which exude a delicate and pleasant aroma stronger than all the other types of mint. Our wild mint, which comes from wild self-seeding organic plants of the Agrafa mountains, has a wonderful taste, intensive aroma and unsurpassed quality which highlights all its properties.

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What is wild mint?

The wild mint or pennyroyal [mentha pulegium], or ''Fliskouni'' as it is called in Greek, is an aromatic herb of the Greek countryside which belongs to the family of the plants under the name ''mentha'' and which blossoms from June until August. It contains the highest percentage of mint within the mint family. It grows freely in wild humid mountainous meadows, glades and at the banks of mountain lakes. The wild mint is carefully handpicked and gathered in small bunches which are then immediately tied in order to preserve both the bloom and the leaves and then hung in a well aired and shady place for some days in order to dry naturally without the use  of any technical means.

The history of wild mint.

The name mint is of Greek origin and comes from the name of the nymph ''Minthe''. According to mythology Minthe, who used to be a nymph and daughter of the river Kokytos, fell for Pluto, the God of the underworld, who was in love with her. When Pluto's wife Persephone found out, she informed her mother
Demeter, the Goddess of the harvest, who punished Minthe by transforming her into a little aromatic wild plant which was named Mentha after her name.
There are references in the writings of Hippocrates, Galinos and Dioskouridis about the wild mint as a plant with high medicinal value. The wild mint was used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans against colds, cough, dysmenorrhea, insomnia and sore throat. They believed that it stimulates the nervous system and the heart.
In ancient Greece, they added wild mint to their baths because of its beautiful aroma and its rich ethereal oil. Arabs for centuries used to drink wild mint decoction as it was considered stimulant of sexuality. Even Shakespeare makes reference to the wild mint as a sexual stimulant to middle age men together with lavender and rosemary.

What wild mint offers to our health.

According to traditional  medicine, it is believed that wild mint stimulates the nervous system and the heart and helps to fight asthma. It is also used for the prevention of diarrhea and menstruation pains.

We present you three reasons why you must  definitely include wild mint into your diet.
1. For gargles against tonsillitis, gingivitis and inflammation of the nasopharynx.

2. It has an outstanding property to help digestion and to relieve flatulence. It also supports the proper functioning of bile.

3. The decoction of wild mint offers detoxification to smokers and is appropriate for the cleansing of the lungs.

Warning !
The use of wild mint is forbidden for pregnant and lactating women because it creates problems in lactation. Also, the wild mint is not recommended for babies, for those with gastroesophageal reflux and is contradictory to homeopathy because it acts as a suspensory.
All the above information is of a purely informative nature and in no way is medical advice for which the only competent person is your physician.

Ideas to enjoy.
-As a warm drink with honey and lemon.
-As an aromatic in cooking and baking.

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