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Mezedakia, or mezedes, are the appetizers so popular in Greek cuisine. The variety of both hot and cold food in this category is considerable. These mezedakia can be prepared ahead of time, and are suitable for both large and small gatherings, formal or informal.
A whole meal could be planned using only hot and cold mezedakia. The assortment could include such hot items as phyllo puffs filled with cheese, spinach, or crabmeat, spicy meatballs, and flaming cheese. Among the cold mezedakia could be the traditional tarama dip, eggplant spread, and marinated shrimp. Hot crusty bread, shiny Kalamata black olives, and a glass of white wine would complete the meal. Furthermore, many mezedakia can be served as a first course, such as stuffed grape leaves, fried smelts, tuna fish with chickpeas, or stuffed mussels.

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